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Mindful Leadership Training + Team Building Activities
for Work Groups

Improve communication, collaboration, connection and creativity through mindful leadership training + team building activities with horses + archery.

How Does Equine Leadership Training Work?

Horses teach us about ourselves and our relationships with others. Working with horses reveals our underlying beliefs and assumptions, which affect our behaviors with our business teams and at home with our families. Interacting with horses allows us to take a step back and ask if our beliefs, assumptions and behaviors are working for us in our daily lives or if it is time for a change. Because of the power of experiential learning with horses, these lessons are cemented into our brains in a new way that sticks.

If you want to get your team out in nature to develop and grow their communication and leadership skills, or just try something fun and new, there is no better combination than Horse + Bow.

How Does Archery Come Into Play with Leadership Training?

Archery is a test of the mind and body. Hitting the target with accuracy requires us to be present, eliminate distractions and focus on the task at hand. It is the ultimate challenge to fine tune our skills and cement learning from the day.


“I've been told have an intense presence. But I didn't understand the impact of that on others until I saw the horse's reaction. ”

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Horse + Bow caters to a wide variety of groups, including corporate teams and yoga retreats. Contact us to learn more about available activities and your customization options.