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Horse + Bow
Beginner Horse Riding Lessons

If your student is interested in learning horseback riding, our lessons near Austin, TX might be the perfect fit. We are a private, family-run ranch, not a fancy show barn, and we welcome riders without the need to own or lease a horse. Our friendly, well-loved horses provide a fun, casual, and comfortable setting for lessons. Experience the joy of riding in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Learn to Ride

Our horseback riding lessons offer a unique approach, focusing on building a connection with the horse from the ground up. We teach English riding and emphasize the importance of understanding and caring for the horse before riding. This method ensures a deep bond and mutual respect between rider and horse.


How Our Program Works

By following this approach, students develop a comprehensive understanding of horsemanship, ensuring a safer and more rewarding riding experience.

Building Trust

  • Learn to care for the horse: brushing, cleaning feet, assessing health.
  • Understand horse communication and how to respond.
  • Spend initial lessons on groundwork to build a strong bond.

Groundwork First

  • Catch and lead horses safely in the pasture.
  • Brush and prepare the horse, focusing on safety and care.
  • Apply supplements or medications as needed.

Progress to riding

  • Limited initial riding time, focusing on groundwork and horse care.
  • Saddle up only after trust and understanding are established.
  • Supervised lessons until the student can perform tasks independently.

Leadership + Life Skills
Weekly Group Horse Class

We offer an engaging and affordable weekly group horse class for kids ages 5-14. Through team-building activities, mindfulness and meditation with horses, and creative projects like painting horses, children learn valuable lessons from and about horses. Although riding time is limited due to the group setting, the monthly enrollment includes one private horse riding lesson to ensure individual progress.

Fall Session Details:

  • Starts September 2024
  • Meets weekly on Saturdays from 8-9:30am


When you choose Horse + Bow for your retreat or special event, you’re not just selecting a venue—you’re opting for an experience designed to refine your group. Here’s what you can expect:

Personalized Attention

One-on-one instruction tailored to each child's learning pace and needs.

Horsemanship Skills

Comprehensive lessons on horse care, grooming, and riding techniques.

Confidence Building

Boosts self-esteem through mastering new skills and achieving riding goals.

Enhanced Communication

Improves non-verbal communication and empathy through interaction with horses.

Physical Fitness

Promotes physical activity, improving strength, balance, and coordination.

Emotional Well-being

Provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience, reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being.

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Introduce your child to the joy of horseback riding with our beginner classes. Designed for ages 5-14, our lessons focus on building a strong foundation in horsemanship, confidence, and communication with horses. Join us for a fun and educational experience in a supportive environment.

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