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Horse + Bow
Team Building Activities

Unlock your team’s full potential with Horse + Bow Team Building Activities. Experience the transformative power of interactions with horses and archery challenges. Build trust, enhance communication, and ignite energy and enthusiasm within your team. Take your team to the next level and watch them perform at their best.

We all want our business teams to be the highest performing in the company...

But it often feels like something is missing. 

More often than not, the missing pieces are effective communication, deep trust, and high team morale.

Ineffective communication leads to misunderstandings and mistrust. When left unaddressed, team morale plummets, turning your work environment toxic.

That’s where our unique approach comes in. 

How it Works

We partner with horses– the masters of communication. Horses don’t lie and can’t be ignored. They reflect and display our underlying beliefs, assumptions, and motivations, providing immediate, non-judgmental feedback.

In our day of team building activities with horses, we help you tackle the 3 biggest problems that hold business teams back:

Ineffective Communication

Pinpoint moments of miscommunication and teach your team to communicate clearly.

Lack of Trust

Address the stories team members tell themselves about each other, and build trust through self-awareness and a deeper understanding of others.

Low Morale

Celebrate strengths and recognize individual contributions to the team. Improve attitudes and create a cohesive, energized work environment.

By the end of the day, your team will communicate effectively, trust one another, and have their morale at an all-time high. Ready to transform your team into a high-performing powerhouse? Let’s work together to achieve that goal!

Now Booking 2024 Dates

2-6 Hours

Ideal for 4-12 participants

starting at $1500

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Located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country town of Marble Falls, 30 miles from Austin, Texas, Horse + Bow offers team building activities and leadership development programs with horses and archery.